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Tsering’s Fund


A non-profit near and dear to the team at Outlaw Partners, Tsering’s Fund emerged as a formal charity in 2005 out of the private work Karen Fellerhoff and Tsering Dolkar Lama had been performing for years in Nepal. The two women recognized hardships that young girls faced due to a lack of education in a patriarchal culture in one of the world’s poorest countries. Their goal was to sponsor young, bright girls in school and change not only their lives, but also the lives of their extended families and entire villages. With the sponsorship of just a few girls in the 1990’s the program has grown into today’s Tsering’s Fund and its mission to help educate hundreds of young girls in Nepal.

Outlaw Partners supports Tsering’s Fund through website design and management, fundraising efforts, promotional and educational videos and more. Our efforts and related fundraising events have saved lives and contributed to over $250,000+ in donations.


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