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General Electric


Outlaw Partners partnered with General Electric in 2013 on a visionary documentary showcasing GE Crotonville’s 2013 Executive Development Course in Africa. Our team was tasked to design and execute creative vision of a video documentary capturing GE/Africa Executive Development Course Partner on a multi-location shoot spanning two weeks in Africa and one week in the United States.

The video was intended to enhance brand loyalty, inspiration, employee engagement, and affiliate pride while serving as a recruitment piece for internal and external prospects.

Brand Vision: “We all rise.” GE Crotonville’s 2013 Executive Development Course (EDC) studied sub-Saharan Africa’s trends of and needs for Maternal and Infant care with GE designing and developing DI equipment that will extend care well into the villages. The documentary Outlaw produced highlighted this initiative, outcome and experience for participants.


The documentary premiered at the GE BOCA Global Leadership Conference, showcasing how GE works to make the world work better. In addition, GE continues to use the video to foster leadership culture – encompassing our commitments to learning and development, citizenship, community engagement, sustainability and diversity, which uniquely equips them to build, power, move and cure the world.

Success Metrics:
  1. Inspiration, with a deeper appreciation for the value of leadership at GE
  2. Discovery, something new about GE, self, future
  3. Deeper connection and understanding of company/brand
  4. Motivation to take on future projects and new thinking