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PowerPlay Solar and Infinia Corporation (now owned by Qnergy) worked with Outlaw Partners from 2009-2014 in a variety of capacities including brand development, marketing, sales, consulting and strategic planning for a product launch of the PowerDish and related global solar field deployments.


The PowerDish became a recognized leader in concentrated solar power technology, with the Infina brand remaining the most prestigious manufacturer of the Stirling engine – a proprietary technology utilized for its solar dish technology, in artificial hearts, and by NASA and the DOE.

During the launch and work together, Outlaw Partners sourced Infinia and the PowerDish a feature interview and promotion on NBC’s TODAY Show with Al Roker for the “Lend a Hand Series”. Over 4 million viewers were saturated with the PowerDish messaging; coordination, media relations, PR, travel management, strategic planning, fundraising, donation efforts and event planning were managed in full by Outlaw.

In addition, the success of the PowerDish branding and strategic campaign with Outlaw Partners involvement, led PowerPlay Solar, a solar technology development company to land the largest solar power field of any educational facility on the east coast at Berkshire in Sheffield, Massachusetts. The solar field includes both educational and environmental benefits.