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Gallatin River Task Force


The Gallatin River Task Force (GRTF) is an integral non-profit in the Big Sky. Its mission is to support and maintain the health and longevity of the Gallatin River by monitoring water quality, educating residents of and visitors to the Big Sky community about the importance of water conservation and implementing restoration projects to address threats to river health.

Outlaw Partners has an ongoing working relationship with the GRTF and supports its efforts with design projects to promote fundraising initiatives, educate the community, highlight restoration projects and more.

In addition to design support, Outlaw also produces videos for the GRTF to showcase the importance of maintaining the health of the Gallatin River. Recently, Outlaw produced a video for the GRTF to stress the necessity for water conservation efforts in Big Sky and the surrounding communities.


Posters, Postcards, Rack cards, Reports, Videos