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Distribution Manager

In 2019, Mark embarked on an exciting Big Sky adventure, bidding farewell to the bustling culinary scenes of NYC and Boston. His journey led him to Boyne Resorts, where he assumed the role of Executive Chef at Westward Social.

In 2021, Mark embraced a new chapter in his culinary journey as he took on the prestigious position of Master Butcher at the Montage Hotel. This transition provided him with an opportunity to showcase his exceptional skills and expertise.

Motivated by the transformative changes in the hospitality industry, Mark decided to explore new horizons. In March of 2023, he joined the dynamic Outlaw team as the Distribution Manager, seamlessly blending his culinary knowledge with marketing and publication endeavors.

Mark’s culinary talents have been recognized with multiple prestigious awards, and he has even earned a spot on the renowned television show, Chopped. When he’s not excelling in his distribution manager role, you can find Mark indulging in his passions for skiing, hiking, and solo camping. Rest assured, he still finds time to unleash his culinary creativity, cooking up delicious masterpieces in his free time.