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Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of Outlaw Partners, Josh plays a critical role in translating high-level strategies into actionable plans and ensuring day-to-day operations succeed. This includes the execution of overall objectives with a continuous drive for revenue growth.

Josh is a versatile professional with a rich background in sales, marketing, operations, and the culinary world. He has experience with luxury travel, healthcare, renewable energy, technology, and cyber security. He has been an integral part of the Big Sky PBR since its near inception, contributing to its growth and success. Beyond the corporate boardroom, Josh has ventured into the realm of river guiding with Boundary Expeditions for multiple summers, showcasing his adventurous spirit and commitment to diverse experiences.

Josh’s energy is fueled by his wife, son, and daughter, who are integral parts of his rest and relaxation time. He has a passion for community volunteerism through local schools, HOAs, and district-wide outdoor education programs.

With a unique blend of skills in sales, restaurant management, and outdoor pursuits, Josh brings a well-rounded and dynamic perspective to any endeavor, with a knack for taking the helm and bringing the crew together.