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Executive Assistant & Special Projects Manager

Alex joined Outlaw Partners in the spring of 2023 after more than five years of experience in sales, marketing, and event planning across Montana, Florida, and California. She is excited to bring her experience to Outlaw where she will support the executive team and manage special projects.

Originally from Maryland, Alex discovered her path to Montana, where she developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from Montana State University and quickly obtained a real estate license.

When she’s off the clock, Alex loves mountain biking, fly fishing, and camping adventures. But when she’s not conquering the great outdoors, you’ll likely find her at a thrift store, hunting down hidden gems at her favorite spots. And let’s not forget her priorities—Alex highly values spending quality time with her friends, family, and of course, her best friend, Sadie the border collie.