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Senior Editor

Sarah’s lifelong appreciation of literature and art naturally evolved into a career defined by writing about theater, books, visual art and the people who create them. After earning an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University, Sarah worked in the Broadway theater industry in New York’s Times Square before high-tailing it out of the city for the West Coast. She hasn’t looked back since.

Sarah worked her way up the ranks of The Portland Oregonian newsroom from the obit desk to the book review department, amassing the clips that would get her accepted into the University of Oregon’s graduate program in journalism.

The rain—and her inveterate love of dramatic change—eventually drove her to the Southwest, where in addition to hosting an underground supper club and making wine, she was the editor of a Northern Arizona arts and culture magazine.

Sarah landed in Big Sky in 2015 after extended travels in Europe. Elated to be among the mountains, rivers and trees again, with professional pen in hand, what was going to be a four-month stay continues to be one of life’s best surprises yet.