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Senior Video Editor

Ryan is passionate about using video as a platform for storytelling; he intentionally crafts messages worthy of being shared. This helps clients to connect with their current consumer’s on a more personable level, while also bringing brand awareness to a whole new audience through the viral nature of social media.

Twenty years ago, Ryan developed a lasting passion for the outdoors while swinging pick axes into the earth as part of his first job working on a seasonal hiking trail construction crew. He spent that entire summer’s pay on his first digital video camera and editing system, which was an emerging trend replacing the analogue equipment he’d started on. He helped solve a mob murder that year (yeah seriously, ask him about it) and continued to self-learn the art of video.

He studied the transformative power of film as a projectionist at a movie theater, delved into a deep understanding of technology while learning to release videos on the internet before there was a YouTube; all before graduating high school and going on to get his bachelors in video production and editing.

Since then, Ryan has had the pleasure of working in all roles of video production with a wide variety of clients including global giants like Pepsi and Wendy’s through his work at larger advertising agencies, to philanthropic work for local non-profit’s who are just working with video for the first time He’s spent years cutting television commercials and crafting long form videos for all manner of organizations. He’s produced documentary and narrative films, and enjoys competing in the 48 hour film festival. Throughout it all, he brings his passion for storytelling and the desire to share the wonderful experience of life with others.