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Editorial Assistant

Gabrielle Gasser, a junior at Lone Peak High School, worked as an editorial intern for Explore Big Sky in spring 2014. Gasser was born in Indiana and grew up 45 minutes outside of Chicago, Ill in Chesterton, Ind. When she was in pre-school, her parents discovered Big Sky.

Gasser then spent her kindergarten year at Ophir, and from first through seventh grade she spent the first half of the year in Indiana, and the second half in Big Sky. Her family moved full time to Big Sky when she was in eighth grade. Part of the basketball team in Big Sky since she was in fourth grade, Gasser has also been a member of the varsity golf and volleyball teams since her freshman year of high school. Her other interests include reading, skiing and traveling.

Currently, Gasser is the secretary of the LPHS Student Council and a member of the National Honor Society. She is involved in her school through sports and other leadership opportunities, like emceeing the Veteran’s Day Assembly, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.