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Staff Writer

Bay joined the Outlaws in June of 2018 after a month-long hiatus from American culture to farm and backpack in Norway. He graduated the prior spring from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English-Writing and a minor in Finance. Despite the university’s lack of a journalism degree, Bay bent his education toward acquiring skills to better tell others’ stories. Outlaw played a role in this, welcoming him as an editorial intern the fall semester of his senior year. Now that he’s a part of the team, the learning continues in the company of seasoned Outlaws.

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado furnished wide, natural places for Bay to tromp about with feet, bikes, skis, and kayaks as he grew up. Montana drew him because it shares Colorado’s bigness, but not its busyness. A lover of forests and austere places, Bay revels in opportunities to get “out there.” He’s grateful for people, seasons in their time and good stories.